Yellowstone National Park | Grand Teton

Spent a day meandering our way through Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Teton National Park. We headed through the north entrance and Mammoth Hot Springs.

Buffalo head butts RV in YellowstoneWe spotted elk, goats, moose, bear (Mark saw a bear swimming in the river). We saw thousands of buffalo, and had a close up encounter with perhaps the biggest buffalo in Yellowstone.

As we sat on the side of the road, in the middle of a grazing herd, the biggest buffalo became excited and began to run across the road (to visit a female on the other side). On his way across he stopped right in front of our RV, and as if showing off for her, he headbutted the hood of our RV.

After showing his dominance over the RV, he proceeded to chase the female around our RV and then back across the street. This encounter ended up breaking our hood (broke the latches). We re-enforced it with a bungee cord and continued on.

Lunch at Yellowstone LakeInstead of driving through the geyser basin (Old Faithful) we chose to cut east across the park and see the canyon, falls and the lake.  We’ve seen the geysers on previous trips through Yellowstone. While beautiful, the sulfur odor is very offensive, and sticks with you.  Other than quickly passing by the Sulfur Caldron, this route was perfect.

Multiple wildlife viewing areas, several scenic viewpoints and picnic areas. We really enjoyed the beautiful lake views from a few pullouts as we drove around Yellowstone Lake.

Unfortunately smoke from wildfires in Idaho made the sky hazy and distant views washed out.  Especially disappointing in the Grand Teton National Park as the jagged mountains were barely visible.

We stopped for lunch, fired up the propane stove and made a hot side dish, deluxe mac-n-cheese.  While cooking I took Maui for a walk.

Cooking lunch at Yellowstone National Park

Maui went on several walks at various locations in Yellowstone. He didnt care for the wind near the lake but loved exploring. He also enjoyed viewing the sites from his spot on the dashboard as we slowly made our way around Yellowstone National Park.

Maui enjoying the ride through Yellowstone National Park Maui exploring Yellowstone National Park

After exiting the Grand Teton National Park we continued south on 189 until we picked up I-80 West.  It was a long day since we left Rock Canyon RV Park.  We stopped for the night to boondock at the first rest area inside the Utah state line. Got a little chilly but we woke up to a great view. We’ll stop to visit some friends near Salt Lake City and then we are headed back to Sam’s Town RV Park in Las Vegas Nevada.


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