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Track us on the road

Using GPS to track our Route

  • Our position is shown on the map above “live”. Actually updated
    every few seconds (when we are moving).
  • We use Google Earth (free version) for GPS navigation in the vehicle. Its
    awesome, much better than cheap GPS units. The intricate maps, details, links,
    photos, and more come alive on a laptops large screen.
  • If you wish to be added to this map, contact us and we can help you get
    set up
  • You will need a few pieces of equipment: GPS receiver, laptop, mobile broadband
    internet (or other mobile solution), laptop vehicle mount.
  • Some FREE software, configuration and you are trackable.
  • Another alternative (for gps tracking) is available that is much less expensive
    than the equipment listed above, although less options.

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Notes: The advertisements that appear in and on the video screen itself are put there by Ustream

The video stream quality and reliability is determined by our connection to the Internet and Ustream. We can only send out a video feed while in a 3G network. Mountains, cliffs, rural areas, bad storms, and general atmospheric conditions can severely affect the quality of the image. Video feed offered to you AS IS.