Where RV Now

2012 Road Map- Roads drivenPlease join us as we travel around this great big beautiful country. We hope you’ll come along for the ride and we invite your questions, comments and insights.

This website will make it easy for our family and friends to track us as we travel, read about our past adventures, find our current location and learn about our plans for future travels. Whenever possible we will have our live dash cam streaming video and will be in the chat room.

The blog will be updated as often as possible so please check back. We will also go back and expand upon previous posts and add more pictures and text.

At times the blog posts may be a week or more behind (depending on how busy our schedule is and the quality of the Internet connection in our location).

Please feel free to send comments, suggestions or destinations along our travel route.

Read about our most recent travel adventures @ WhereRVnow.us


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