Traders Village RV Park | Houston TX

After a beautiful drive (from Richards Park in Brady Texas) past (miles and miles of) fields of wildflowers (mostly red,white and blue, but also yellow, orange and purple), through Texas hill country, we arrived at the RV Park @ Traders Village Marketplace in Houston – the largest flea market and festival complex on the Texas Gulf Coast. More than 1,000 vendors and live concerts, festivals and special events throughout the year.

Unfortunately for us, in the multiple phone conversations we had with the Traders Village RV Park, they failed to mention that the flea market is only open on weekends.  The park and bathrooms were clean. Spaces a little tight and very little shade.  The humidity is noticeably higher as we are close to the gulf coast now.

The morning of checkout we had no power (electrical problem in section of park).

Walmart right up the street but the local roads (and traffic) in this area are HORRIBLE. Almost as if  they hired 100 different companies and gave each a 10 ft section, no continuity, like a springboard.

We were not impressed and doubt we will be returning to Traders Village RV Park in Houston! We ‘might’ stop if we happen to be passing on a weekend, just to check out the flea market.


  1. Traders Village RV Park in Houston Texas was OK but we will probably not return either. You are right about the local roads, ouch.

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