Sugar Creek Casino | Hinton OK

Sugar Creek Casino - Hinton OKAs we approached Oklahoma City we saw storms on the horizon. So we stopped to fuel up and RainX the windshield while locating a place to wait out the storm. Easy enough, next door was a sign for FREE RV hookup at the Sugar Creek Casino.

When we went inside to inquire, we were told it was actually $5. After complaining to management about the bogus misleading sign, we paid the $5, and filled a couple cups with Lemonade. We then went outside into the drizzle and hooked up the RV to electric.

It was very loud due to the semi trucks driving in and out and idling in the lot. We utilized the ‘free’ power to run the laptop and Mobile Internet to look for another location. We only ended up staying at Sugar Creek Casino for about an hour. Lucky for us, Red Rock Canyon was just a few miles down the road and we had enough daylight left to get there and setup!

Sugar Creek Casino | Hinton OK

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  1. Fay Winton says:

    Yes! Finally someone writes about Sugar Creek casino. What a crappy little casino.

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