Spring in Ohio – RV Repair Time

It was a beautiful spring day here in Ohio so we stopped up at the RV to run it and recharge the batteries in preparation for the upcoming camping season. Upon inspection, the drivers side windshield wiper had suffered some damage, either from the extremely heavy snow this winter, or a vandal.

The windshield wiper arm was broken and hanging from the coach. We will wait for a another day (ran out of sunlight today) to see if it damaged the windshield wiper motor as well.

It appears to have been vandalized, but with no proof, it will be easier to live with just thinking of it as snow damage. So now we have the first needed repair of the season.  Weather next week should hopefully clear up (winter has been slow to leave northeast Ohio this year.

On a positive note, the coach fired right up and sounded good. Its been far too long since our last journey. Can’t wait to get on the road again.

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  1. Hey, so great to see a blog from my favorite traveling hillbillies!

    I hope to follow your travels again real soon as you get out on the highway.

    your Canadian friend….Dusty

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