Shakedown trip = FAIL

After working very long hours the past few days to clear up the time to finally go camping for a weekend. We awoke early eager to hit the road again (even if only for a few miles).

We’ve been delayed by weather and work from taking this spring shakedown trip a few times prior to this weekend. We’ve planned to install some new technology (tv, radio, backup camera, etc) to update some old and non working components.

flat tire on rvWe went up to the storage unit to retrieve the RV, bring it home to clean and even start loading it for the upcoming trips. After a few hours of cleaning and prep, we planned to take a short trip to a local campground as a shakedown to prepare for the upcoming trip to New York City and New England.

With our scheduled departure quickly approaching, we’ve suffered an unfortunate setback.

Upon arrival at the RV and upon immediate inspection, it appears the one of our new tires has lost its air and is flat. Luckily (if there is any luck in this) it is the rear drivers side tire (outside dually). The inside tire seems fine and is supporting the coach so at least its not leaning.

We’ve contacted the tire dealer via email and await their reply. Hopefully we can get this resolved quickly and get back on track. The bus is leaving on time, ready or not, lol.

We will have to get this into the tire shop and get it inspected ASAP!

UPDATE: We returned the RV to the tire shop today to have the tire inspected. As it turns out, the valve stem extender was leaking causing the flat. Nice easy fix, remove the extender. We will replace it at a later date as they did not have the same size in stock and could not order proper size from their dealer. They recommended a RV dealer / parts distributor.

The guys at Confident Tire in Mentor OH provided great customer service, before during and after the sale. They didn’t even charge us for the diagnosing and fixing the problem with the valve extender (that was already on our RV when we took it in for new tires last week).

Not only the best price in town but great service, we highly recommend Confident Tire & Car Care.

We did manage to get some of our gear loaded into the RV, so at least we got a little accomplished and weekend wasn’t a compete wash.

We’ll try again to get the shakedown trip in this week or weekend, as departure day is very quickly approaching.



  1. Howard Marroquin says:

    Hello there

    I not really know my partner and i recognized completely what you intended by that, could you
    expand much more about your ‘shakedown trip’ ?

    All the best

  2. At least you found out before hitting the road. Safe travels!

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