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Sams Town RV Park Las Vegas NVOctober 2011 – We moved a few miles down the road from Main Street Station RV Park to Sam’s Town RV Park at 5225 Boulder Highway (in Las Vegas NV). Very convenient location with Wal-Mart directly across the street. This RV Park is a little nicer and quieter (city / road noise) than Main Street Station but also a few more bucks per night and a lot more ‘neighbors’.

We’ve enjoyed the buffet here a couple times (not as good as the Garden Buffet at Main St) as well as the other food options, including Sbarros, McDonalds, Subway. Across the street is a decent (for the price) $5.99 steak dinner (steak, potato and veggie) at Longhorn Casino and we also tried a Tommy’s world famous chili burger. The chili was pretty good, but they put way too much mustard on the hamburger bun.

NFL game at Sams Town Las Vegas

The sports book here is the best we’ve been to for NFL games. Dual 18 ft x 10 ft screens surrounded by fifteen – 105″ plasma TVs (+ twelve 65″ and nine 70″ plasmas).

We suffered through another Browns loss (and a bye week) but caught some other great games. After the early games we went back to the RV and watched the later games on our TV (cable TV is included here).

They also have a theater, a bowling alley, and an artificial indoor park complete with a waterfall and robotic animals inside Sam’s Town (2nd largest casino in Nevada).

The jacuzzi has provided some much needed relaxation. Its a real nice place to relax after a long work day.

Sams Town RV Park - Voted best RV Park in Las Vegas

Sam’s Town RV Park was voted the best RV Park in Las Vegas Nevada. While we have not stayed at them all, we do love it here.

Sams Town RV Park - view of Frenchman Mountain

Beautiful view of Frenchman Mountain from our RV.

Sams Town RV Park - view of Eastside Cannery

Eastside Canery in the background.

Welcome to Las Vegas - Sams Town in background

Welcome to Las Vegas – Sams Town in background

More to come, stay tuned …..


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  1. Shame this place has gone down since becoming a KOA but still nice

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