RV Fire in Conway Arkansas

We had a RV fire Sunday nite on the road in Conway AR – (everyone is OK). Firemen said it was caused by short in battery cable. 12V systems fried… Will update later…

RV Fire Conway ArkansasAfter we pulled off Interstate 40 to find some fast food, the lights went out so I quickly pulled into a strip mall parking lot. As I did, smoke began to billow out of the dash. Soon as the RV came to a stop I jumped out the drivers side door and found the entire length of the RV had smoke coming from underneath as well as areas of visible flames. I skinned my knees when I slid under the RV near the propane tanks to use the fire extinguisher but I got it out without any structural damage. The wiring didn’t fair as well.

The Conway Fire Department arrived within a few minutes and checked to make sure the fire was completely out.

After all the excitement calmed down and our heart rates returned to somewhere near normal, we finally grabbed some Wendys and a large chocolate milkshake from “Shakes” (Mmmmm).

We slept in the strip mall parking lot right where the RV caught fire. In the morning we inspected the damage. About 60 ft of battery cable appears to have melted, from one end of the RV to the other. The 12V house systems are inoperable, lights, fridge, heater, water heater, etc. but if we hook to 110 we still have air conditioning and electrical outlets to use.

The RV engine and its battery / electrical system seem fine and the RV motor is still running good. We did need a new brake light and bought that at the Auto Zone also in the strip mall parking lot.

We are now limping along, but we’re still headed west (even more thankful to be alive), the adventure continues …

Note: We’d like to thank the kind hearted people at Ed’s Custom Bakery, for the use of a few parking spots, some electricity to recharge our phones and for some great doughnuts.


  1. Sharon spence says:

    Glad everyone is ok! Hope u have a safe and wonderful rest of the trip! PS AR ppl are great!

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