Road Trip Stats | Aug 31 – Oct 22 2010

    Miles: 5110
    Gas: 666 Gallons
    Fuel Cost: $1754.37
    Avg $ per Gal: $2.63
    MPG: 7.67
    Avg Cost per mile : $0.34

    Weeks: 8
    Total Days: 53
    @ Campground: 25

    Campground Fees: $425
    Avg campground: $17
    Avg $ per night: $8

States visited: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas.

Similar trip in our old Saturn would have cost: $3100

    Gas: $450 (approx 170 gals @ 30 MPG)
    Hotels: $2650 (avg approx $50 per night)

Food costs were not included. While it was definitely more money than eating at home, it was a lot less than if traveling by car. We did enjoy eating out a lot (more than usual) but also took advantage of the luxury and convenience of traveling with an on board kitchen on several occasions.

Total cost for this Road Trip: -$2179 PRICELE$$

Plane tickets and rental cars would have been substantially more money and while it may have been quicker, it would have been a whole lot less fun.

Traveling by RV turned out to be almost $1000 LESS on this trip (-$921), and as we found out, the only way to travel!

Stops along the way …

Will also be adding more pics and text to the posts.

Stay tuned, more to come …


  1. Nice blog!
    I will check back to see where you are, and where you have been.
    Enjoy your RV travels. Stay safe my nomadic friends.

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