Pie Town RV Park | Pie Town NM

Pie so good they named the town after it!

We made it to our destination, Pie Town, just as the sun was setting. We missed the sign for the RV Park so we couldn’t find it. We stopped at Pie-O-Neer Cafe to get directions. They were already closed but we saw people inside so we knocked. Kathy, the owner, was happy to help us. She gave us directions and even called the RV Park to confirm they had room for us.

I was lucky enough to get the last piece of pie left, Pecan.

After setting up and eating some pie, we went outside. When I opened the RV door, I heard grunting and breathing, so I quickly retreated to grab our spot light. As I illuminated the surrounding area, I spotted a deer, and then another, and then several more. It was a large family of deer moving through the area grazing.

We spent some time star gazing as the temps dropped. I’ve never seen so many stars, they seemed so close , almost as if you could reach out and touch them.

Our Sprint and T-Mobile broadband solutions both left us dead in the water (this is a Verizon only area according to those at Pie shop).

Pie Town RV Park provides free WiFi, but we found it to be a little unstable. When it was working, it was a decent signal, but it dropped too often. We did manage to catch up on emails and support tickets, so we were very grateful to have the WiFi available.

Big difference in temps from down in the Phoenix valley to up into the mountains (we are at about 8000 ft now), it dropped below 32 last night. It was cold when we awoke in the morning but that was OK as we planned a slow start (couldn’t leave until after the Pie-O-Neer pie shop opened at 11am). We dug out the heater, and got some work done while enjoying the peace and quiet the desolate area afforded.

We stopped for some more pie on our way out of town.

You can’t pass through Pie Town New Mexico without stopping for at least one piece of pie. We tried 3 varieties; pecan, apple and chocolate. All 3 were delicious!


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