On the Road Again!

August 2010 – We are leaving Madison Ohio headed west on the maiden voyage in our new (to us) motor home / mobile office tomorrow morning.

A few of our planned stops include Auburn Nebraska, Salt Lake City Utah, and Las Vegas Nevada.

Some may think we are crazy for making a 5000+ mile journey across the country for our initial shakedown trip.

We agree it would have been ideal to have been able to take a short, local shakedown trip with the new rig before embarking on this long trek across the country but we’re confident that everything will be OK (and we simply ran out of time).

After the Saturn died in North Carolina on our last trip, we decided to “upgrade” to a Class A RV to better accommodate us on all our travels. Check out what we are driving now.


  1. Road Warrior says:

    Off on another great adventure

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