Monticello Casino and Raceway

After a very long day of driving through some of the worst roads we’ve ever seen (I-86), we arrived at Monticello Casino and Raceway just before nightfall. We took a few minutes to gather ourselves and then made our way into the casino.


Hungry and very tired we made our way around the casino (looking for a lucky machine) and to the food court for a hot meal. The casino workers were very unfriendly (but we are in New York so that should be expected right?).

We ordered some potato pancakes with sour cream and apple sauce. These were much different than my mothers potato pancakes, but still good. After those we ordered some french fries and a beef hotdog.  Dinner was very greasy (not very healthy) but hit the spot.  Spotted a few other treats on the menu to try but those will have to wait until another day (or never as it turns out).

Stuffed and growing even more tired we wondered the casino floor looking for that lucky machine (actually we were looking for the same machine we did well on at the Erie Casino, but could not find it at Monticello). We decided we would return in the morning to play after we get some much needed rest.  I-86 had taken its toll and it was time to recuperate.

At 4:20 am we were awoken by very load banging on the RV door. It was some clown (manager type)  from the casino in a bad suit who told us we had to leave.  So after driving 8+ hours to get to the Monticello Casino and Raceway, we were very rudely told to leave.

We will never return to Monticello Casino and also would not recommend it to anyone, especially RVers. The road to the casino is horrible, and you are not welcome to boondock in the empty parking lot.

Good news is, we are headed to New York City (Liberty Harbor Marina & RV Park) a day early now, and we got a real early start this morning.


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