Indian Meadows Service Plaza | I-90 West OH

Indian Meadows Service Plaze RV ParkOn our route west to Las Vegas, our first stop was at Indian Meadows Service Plaza on I-90 West for the night (almost out of Ohio at Mile Marker 20). The Ohio Turnpike has a nice setup for RVers, a small RV Park with an electric hookup ($20 for 24 hrs), showers, gas… some fast food (I had a piece of Sbarros cheese pizza) … and also a lounge with TVs.

After a long day e didn’t get on the road until after 6pm this evening so we stopped at Indian Meadows Service Plaza at about 9:30 pm. We unpacked until about midnight. The machine did not give us a receipt, and did the same to the other RVers too.

There were a few other RV’s here but plenty of room for more (never did fill up). We had a nice view of a farm off in the distance. Road noise was bearable (expected it as we were right on Interstate 90).


Indian Meadows Service Plaza RV Park - August 2012

Internet speed here was not bad. We used our Verizon mifi device from Millenicom

Indian Meadows I-90 verizon Internet Speed

Spent last night (8-17-12) boondocking at the rest area on I-90 west at mile marker 255, just across the Minnesota border. Long day yesterday (on the road for 12+ hours), made it to MN despite traffic jam for 2 hours in Chicago. Should make it to Buffalo Gap Campground in the Badlands of North Dakota for our next stop.


Where RV Now – Indian Meadows Service Plaza


  1. wow sounds nice

  2. You always do find neat places.

  3. Rick Lord says:

    I’m waiting for what he really had to eat! No way a slice will satisfy mark more than a min or two. Good luck on your trip.

  4. PJ Parker says:

    Must be starting to cool down some in Ohio if your in your RV !! haha. I just realized yesterday that summer is almost over !! Do you have room for Me, my wife and a baby (thats still cooking) and a lab and two more cats?? hahahaha

    Is there a hitch on the back? Maybe we can find a tag along camper to hook to yours…LMAO

    I don’t blame you either..I can deal w/ the fall weather..just whats after it I don’t like 🙂

    The older I get the more I don’t like the winter !

  5. Thanks so much for this info. We had no idea that some Ohio rest stops had hookups for our camper.

    They’re really great news and we will keep an eye out for Interstate rest areas with hookups, in Ohio and other states as we travel.

    May you have safe travels.

    Thanks for the post.

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