Halloween in Las Vegas

Halloween in Las Vegas – Las Vegas is THE place to be for Halloween! No one celebrates Halloween like Vegas. Over 50 big parties all over town, the strip, downtown. What a fun weekend.

We went to a smaller club (500) on Saturday night for dinner, dancing and drinks.

We spent Halloween night downtown @ Fremont Street Experience, with tens of thousands of our friends (locals and visitors), most in costume.

It was a lot of fun. Everyone really seemed to like my costume. I’ve never had my picture taken so many times.   I had tons of comments, including … ” Best costume” … “Most creative” … “Can I look in your drawers” … “I know what I’m going to be next year” …
Even had an offer to buy it right off my back!

What do you think? ……

One Night Stand

One Night Stand - Halloween in Las Vegas

We didn’t pack costumes, and decided pretty last minute to participate in some Halloween parties. There were no costumes left in my size so we got a cardboard box and created the “One Night Stand” costume.  The drawers opened up and the lamp worked (battery powered led lights). Other party goers bummed cigarettes and laughed hard when I pulled matches out of the top drawer to light it up for them. Being Las Vegas, I was actually surprised I was the only ‘One Night Stand’ I saw all weekend.

I was accompanied by my beautiful wife, dressed as a pirate wench. She made the treasure chest purse from leftover cardboard and contact paper from the ‘One Night Stand’ project.

Halloween in Las Vegas - pirate wench

Halloween was the most fun weekend we’ve had in Las Vegas so far. This year we’ve been here almost 3 months now already. Time flies when you are having fun!

Halloween in Las Vegas

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