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Grand Canyon National Park ArizonaThe road (Hwy 64 north from Williams) leading to the south entrance to the Grand Canyon National Park is a gently rising plateau through some nice high desert terrain into an evergreen forest.  Then, all of a sudden, the most spectacular canyon in the world comes into view.

The captivating beauty of the Grand Canyon is amazing, truly one of the (seven) natural wonders of the world.

The 18 mile wide (in places), 200+ mile long, 1 mile deep canyon (carved by the Colorado River over the past 6 million years) is absolutely stunning,  with hundreds of side canyons and dozens of buttes rising from the valley floor.

Grand Canyon South Rim Grand Canyon - east end

After leaving Flintstones Campground – Bedrock City we headed north about 20 miles to the south entrance of the Grand Canyon National Park. We spent the entire day leisurely driving through the Grand Canyon National Park. The 25 mile stretch of Hwy 64 called Desert View Drive offers many viewpoints to stop and enjoy the vast colorful canyon. From each view point along the way, only a small portion of the massive canyon can be seen. Around each corner is a different yet spectacular view.  The air is crisp, clean and clear which helps with the amazing views and visibility of around 100 miles!

DW says the Grand Canyon National Park is even more beautiful than she remembers from our previous visit a few years ago.  We could easily spend a week or two exploring the south rim area of the Grand Canyon National Park. We hope to return for just such a trip one of these days. Maybe stay at the Grand Canyon Village. We would also like to check out the north rim of the Grand Canyon next time.

The pull outs and parking areas were not as RV friendly as we had expected or hoped. A few places we would have liked to stop had no where for us to park the RV. The eastern most viewpoints have the best parking, and views!

Dashboard kitty (Maui) enjoyed the drive through Grand Canyon National Park from his favorite spot on the dash.

Grand Canyon Drive - Dashboard kitty - Grand Canyon National Park Arizona

After a long day at the Grand Canyon we will  drive to Winslow Arizona to stop for the night at Meteor Crater RV Park.

More to come. Please follow along with us as we visit the the Painted Desert, the Petrified National Forest, Palo Duro Canyon and Red Rock Canyon as we make our way east.

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