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Fort Desoto RV ParkWe’ve happily returned to one of our favorite campgrounds, Fort Desoto RV Park. Fort Desoto is county park on an island off the coast of St Petersburg Florida, at the mouth of Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Fort Desoto RV Park is a picture perfect setting with lush tropical plants and palm trees that perfectly frame the views of the bay.  Jumping fish, dolphins, lizards, pelicans, ducks, egrets and other birds, squirrels, raccoons, and other wildlife abound… and the perfect place to spend our birthdays! Plenty of space and trees between sites provide for some privacy.

*Note: Fort Desoto RV Park  camp sites  are booked months in advance, but the campground does have some ‘walk up’ spots available (get in line early!) We reserved waterfront camp sites on St. Christopher Key at Fort Desoto RV Park many months ago. Great facilities, shower house, laundry, benches, picnic tables, extensive bike/walk paths/trails, kayaking and more.

Fort Desoto - Birds stole our steaks off the grillOur two weeks in paradise was off to one heck of a start.  We mistakenly turned away from the grill while cooking some 2″ thick bacon wrapped Filet Mignon that we were preparing for Mark’s birthday dinner. Not five paces from the grill before we heard the birds fighting over the best ‘fish’ they had ever caught.

The first couple days we had to spend some time preparing for our presentation at the Connections Conference 2012 Smart Business Symposium – teaching business owners about websites, Internet marketing, SEO, integrating today’s technologies, apps and efficiencies into their business and maximizing marketing effectiveness.

Smart Business SymposiumThe presentation was well attended and received. So successful in fact that there was talk of putting together another Smart Business Symposium for the annual convention in Vegas in the fall.

The Conference kept us much busier than we had anticipated and was followed by SummerFest the day after.  We saw old friends, and made new, enjoyed several speakers, sunset dinners on the beach, drinks at a tiki hut, night life at the beach bars and more.  We had planned to sneak off to the beach a little more during the days of the Conference, but we have a few days to relax afterwards, before starting our trek north.

For DW’s birthday we went to the Sloppy Pelican (a 2 story beach bar) with some wonderful friends, and ate on the balcony overlooking the beautiful waters of Blind Pass in St Pete Beach.

Sunset at Fort Desoto RV ParkOn the last night of our stay, we had a visitor. While I was at the water taking pictures of the sunset, a raccoon let himself into the RV. DW was sitting at the dining table cleaning and reinserting her contact lenses. When she got the lenses in and looked up, there was a raccoon sitting there looking at her.  It was quite a surprise to see him in the kitchen.  She yelled for me but the raccoon didn’t seem to care. I was out at the water front and couldnt hear her yelling.

I happened to walk back up to the RV to see what was taking her so long to join me at the water front. As I approached the door I noticed it slightly ajar.
As I entered the RV I spotted the raccoon and quickly backed out. As soon as I was out the, raccoon followed. Whew, that was exciting! Thankfully Maui slept through the whole thing, in the chair right next to the door, or it would have been ugly.

We really enjoyed our return to Fort Desoto RV Park and hope to be back to visit again some day soon.

If you haven’t visited Fort De Soto RV Park, do yourself a favor and take some time to go.  It is truly a national treasure and visiting here is one of the (many) reasons why we love to travel. If the beach isn’t your cup of tea, then you can walk, run, or bike down one of the trails, go fishing, snorkel or shell hunt at Egmont Key. There’s plenty to do & it’s an absolutely gorgeous place, and is definitely worth checking out.

To be continued …


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    I’ve been browsing your travel blog for greater than three hours, and I love it! Enjoyed reading about your journey and the places you visit. This park in Florida looks especially amazing to me, hope to visit myself. Thanks for letting me know about it.
    In my view, if all site owners and travel bloggers made as good information as you do, the web would be a lot more helpful.

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