Salt Lake City – Saratoga Springs Utah

Workamping in Saratoga Springs Utah September 7, 2010 Tuesday- Slept good, but we are still so tired. RV lag I guess (like jet lag). Woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the Wasatch Mountains and Utah Lake Managed to get a lot of Internet Marketing and Website Design work done today for our clients. We […]

Nashville TN – MikeyFest 2010

Feb 18-21 We start this year off with a quick trip to Nashville TN for a business convention. GREAT times with GREAT friends After the convention activities, was one of the best parties we’ve ever attended!

Road trip Ohio to Vegas 2008

Once again we had the webcam attached to the rear view mirror and aimed out the front windshield. Thanks to everyone who rode along with us from up to 80+ mph on the Highways to about 1 MPH on the dirt roads back in the Rocky Mountains to the red roads of Zion. All total it was just over 6500 miles through 16 states in about 3 weeks. Highest altitude (noticed on the GPS) was around 10,000 ft.