Camp Walmart | Columbia SC

Camp WalmartAfter a long drive north from Fort Desoto RV Park ( over 500 miles), we decided to boondock for the night at a Camp Walmart off I-77 in Columbia South Carolina.

Just a quick, easy stop for some much needed rest  Got some good sleep, it was surprisingly quiet for how busy (or we were so tired we slept through any noise). We stopped in for a few supplies and then to bed.

We had to leave Florida today if we wanted to drive in dry conditions. If we keep moving tomorrow, we can get further north before the storms that are headed east get to us.  We decided to take I-95 / I-77 north this time. Storms approaching from the west so heading the eastern most route would keep us on dry pavement.  We should be back in Ohio in just a few days.


Camp Walmart



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