Buffalo Gap Campground | Badlands of North Dakota

Buffalo Gap Campground | Badlands of North DakotaThe views in and around the Buffalo Gap Campground and the Badlands of North Dakota are spectacular! We camped at Buffalo Gap Campground inside the Badlands of North Dakota’s Theodore Roosevelt National Park for one night.   Nice scenic campground ($6) right off of I-94, but no power, and pay showers (50 cents).  Very slow Internet connection (Millenicom / Verizon), and no phone signal at all (T-Mobile).

Be careful which shower you choose. My first shower was very cold, and lasted only a couple minutes.  The other shower was nice and hot and lasted longer than one person needed. I left the first shower room and moved to the other to finish.  First shower was one of the worst I’ve ever had, while the second was one of the best. The water was super soft!

Buffalo Gap Campground - Badlands of North DakotaWe climbed the hill (butte) overlooking the Buffalo Gap Campground to take some pictures. While climbing I strained my left thigh. Once at the top we realized there was a easier trail up on the opposite side.  The view of the campground and surrounding Badlands was awesome.

While relaxing in the RV, we heard of thud. Later we realized it was a bird that flew right into the side of the RV and broke its neck.

In the picture on the left our campsite is almost in the middle of the shot, slightly to the left behind some trees. In the picture on the right you can see the hill we climbed in the background from our camp site.

It was a couple long days of driving since the stop at Indian Meadows Service Plaza in Ohio to get to the Badlands of North Dakota, but well worth it.  North Dakota had the best roads so far on this trip lined with miles of fields of sunflowers.  After leaving Buffalo Gap Campground we will back track a few miles and tour Theodore Roosevelt National Park and then to Red Trails Campground in Medora MT.


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